Parra Builders

Parra Builders is a one of a kind construction firm.  With over 30 years of experience building in the old world style of adobe artisianship, they lead the way in green building today.

Alberto D. Parra
Alberto Parra has worked on many award winning projects throughout his career.
He began as an independent builder in 1975 and was soon responsible for the design and construction oversight of one of Las Vegas Nevadas few Adobe Mansions.  
He was a key participant in the Smithsonians Masters of the Building Arts.  Having had two prior invitations to the Smithsonian Institute's 1981 and 1992 New Mexican Folk Life exhibits, featuring artisans from New Mexico. he was invited back in 2001 and built a traditional adobe from New Mexico's Colonial era at the Mall in Washington DC, using only hand tools, that would have been the only tools available in the early 1700's.
Alberto has a way with words as well as with what his mind and hands create.  His vision for every home, is to be of the earth, with the earth, and back to the earth, adobe being the premier way to accomplish this.